" The Rainbow - Lord placing new stars on heaven"

I build this huge sculpture many years ago.
The design is from drawings done by the artist
Carl Milles  1875 - 1955

The weight of the stainless steel sculpture are around 8000 kgs
and it raise 18 meters over the sea.
The figures is made of cast bronze and measure around 3 meters high.



" Ford Convertible 1940 "

I get involved in this complex build pretty late in the
progress and mine part was to fit everything
and tune
 it up to a higher level.

Alot of panels called for a huge amount of time
to fit the car at all and I also made a set of
new custom built bumpers for the car.






" Willys Coupe 1941"

I was involved in this build partly and build alot of panels from scratch.
The trunklid,most parts of the doors, the rear fenders
and the rear pan is some of them.

This photo shows the handbuilt innerstucture ready for a new skin.


" Willys Coupe 1941 "

This photo shows the trunklid when it was completed.
All new metal inside out.





" Heinkel Kabine 1960 "

This was a total restauration to the last nut.
All work was done in my shop.

" NSU Prima 1960"

This was also a total restauration witch
arrived in several boxes...

All work was domne in my shop and
I made a lot of new aluminium trims to replace lost ones.





" Fiat 500 1965 and One off SteelDrop "

The Fiat was a total resturation to award winning level.
All work was done in my shop.

The one off SteelDrop was handbuilt from the first
 piece in the chassis to the last trim made of stainless....


And many, many more projects that I donīt remember...or maybe wish I sholdnīt.....

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